Know Before You Go


Park in the gravel lot and take the path down to the pool. You can turn in registration forms, waivers, and make payments at the pool gate. (Blank forms will be available if you choose not to print your own). After the first day, you will not need to check-in. 

Kids must be dressed, sunscreened, and ready to go in the pool upon gate entry. 

Parents are currently not allowed in the pool area (except for Parent/Child classes), but you may bring a folding chair and view from the fence. Don’t worry, there are many Red Cross certified instructors in the pool and lifeguards on duty. 

What to bring

Children may bring swim goggles if they wish. No dive goggles (goggles that cover the nose). The pool is unable to provide goggles at this time. 

Children’s towels and shoes may be brought into the pool area or parents can hold on to them. 

No floatation devices are necessary, especially no puddle jumpers or arm floaties. Trainer approved floatation devices only, such as these. 
SwimWays Power Swimr

Back Float Safety Swim Trainer

Long hair must be in a ponytail, braids, or swim cap. 

Parents may want to bring a camp chair. 

What to expect at lessons

All age groups hold their lessons at the same time, so parents can have all their children attend a single timeframe no matter their swim level.

Students will be grouped by level with an instructor and sometimes an additional swim safety aide. Lessons follow Red Cross standards. Students receive 45 minutes of instruction followed by 15 minutes of free swim. 

Rain policy 

If it is lightly raining, lessons will still be held. In the case of thunder, students will be brought inside for indoor instruction. Call us if you have questions about if lessons are still being held. 

Make-up policy

We have a generous makeup policy, so please stay home if not feeling well. If you need to make up a lesson, either call or let an instructor know at the next lesson and an alternate lesson time will be worked out for you. 

COVID-19 accommodations

1) Payment is due at first class. Cash or check are accepted. Please see me if you have any questions.
2) Class sizes have been reduced to accommodate the social distancing requirements. 
3) Please arrive at pool gate wearing suit, pre-applied sunscreen, towel, goggles, etc.
4) Long hair must be in ponytail, braids, or swim cap. 
5) You may arrive at the gate 5 minutes before your scheduled session and pick up 5 minutes before the hour. This allows us to minimize traffic flow and gives us time to sterilize.
6) Parents will not be allowed in the gated pool area, except infant/parent classes.
7) The pool house facilities are only available to students and staff until further notice.
8) It is your responsibility to check household temperatures daily before coming. We will require the temperature readings in order to enter the pool area.
9) If you or your family are feeling sick, you may return to the pool once you are symptom-free for 24 hours. We are very flexible with make-up lessons, so if in doubt, just stay home. 
10) Due to these new requirements, I regret to inform you that siblings will not be able to enter the pool unless they too have a scheduled session.
11) Swim diapers and cover up should be worn by all children who aren’t potty trained.

We strongly suggest these precautions:
*Try to stay 6 ft apart
*Bring a chair 
*No community ear bands or plugs will be furnished this year.
*If you show up early, your child will not be allowed into the pool early.
*All decks will be for staff only.
*Goggle bucket will not be available this year. If your student needs goggles they must bring them daily to class.
*Restroom will only be available to staff and students
*Changing rooms will not be available this year. *Students must arrive water ready to swim.

About Us

Cottonwoods Pool in Canton, GA is privately owned by Elizabeth A. Frady, certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI), WSIT trainer, Lifeguard Instructor, Community Swim Coach with more than 35 years’ experience. This facility offers training for teens and pre-teens to participate as Aides or helpers for the swim program.  We also have Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors on staff each summer. With this help, we can offer several classes at one time and can accommodate siblings taking classes at the same time.  Our Water Safety Aides are very valuable to our program. Many of these helpers have been with us since they were small students themselves.

Our classes are comprised of Infant/Adult (6months to 2years) who is in the water with a trusted adult for 30 minutes a class, Toddlers-Preschool (2 years to 6years) who have individual helpers of very small groups as needed. We also have experienced adult helpers who come to help as needed.

We offer Adult lessons in which the adult can progress at their own pace and set their own goals.

Also, for our 12 to 14-year-old we offer the Red Cross Junior Lifeguard program that prepares the students for Lifeguarding when they are old enough (15).  During the summer we also invite several swim coaches to come and give Swim Clinics for those who would like to learn and improve their competitive strokes.

Other services of this facility are:

  • Community swim from 1:30 to 4:30 each Mon-Thursday during the weeks the pool is offering classes
  • Pool Parties with a lifeguard are available with appointments
  • Lifeguard training and Water Safety Instructor training classes will be available May and June.

Consultants for our program include: Brenda Segall, Peggy Donaldson, Pat Bauer, Ginger Blanton, Kaye Greeno