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About Us

Cottonwoods Pool is located in the Buffington Community of Cherokee County near Canton Georgia. The facility is privately owned by Betty A. Frady certified Water Safety Instructor (WSI), WSIT trainer, Lifeguard Instructor, Community Swim Coach with more than 35 years’ experience.

This facility offers training for teens and pre-teens to participate as Aides or helpers for the swim program.  We also have Lifeguards and Water Safety Instructors on staff each summer.  With this help we are able to offer several classes at one time and can accommodate siblings taking classes at the same time.  Our Water Safety Aides are very valuable to our program. Many of these helpers have been with us since they were small students themselves.

Our classes are comprised of Infant/Adult (6months to 2years) who is in the water with a trusted adult for 30 minutes a class, Toddlers-Preschool (2 years to 6years) who have individual helpers of very small groups as needed. Learn to Swim levels I through VI are group classes with assistants as needed.  We offer Adult lessons in which the adult can progress at their own pace and set their own goals.  Also for our 12 to 14 year olds we offer the Red Cross Junior Lifeguard program that prepares the students for Life guarding when they are old enough.  During the summer we also invite several swim coaches to come and give Swim Clinics for those who would like to learn and improve their competitive strokes.

Other services of this facility are:

*Community swim from 1:30 to 4:30 each M-Thursday during the weeks the pool is offering classes

* Pool Parties with lifeguard are available with appointments

*Lifeguard training and Water Safety Instructor training classes will be available May and June.

Some of our Staff include:
Betty Frady WSI, WSIT, LGI, Community Swim Coach for Cherokee High. More than 30 years experience.

Lisha Cantrell WSI, LGI more than 15 years teaching

Miriam Greene WSI more than 10 years teaching

Ann Pelusi Caywood WSI more than10 years teaching

Mark Segall WSI, LGI,  Swim Coach with  more than 15 years teaching

Brenda Segall WSI, WSIT, LGI, CPR/First Aide, Wilderness Survival, Swim Team Coach more than 3o years experience.

Jonathan Segall Lifeguard Instructor

Other WSI instructors include:  Elizabeth Johnston Nelson, Katie Vann,  Kara Morris,  Rebecca Holifield; Junior Lifeguard instructor, Arianna Disser, Zac Merges, Lisa Gustafson, Hollie Rhodus, Amanda Korb, Christy Thacker, Melissa M. Orr, Ginger Blanton (Clayton Community), Liz Wintter (Big Canoe)

We also have experienced adult helpers who come to help as needed.

Consultants for our program include: Brenda Segall, Peggy Donaldson, Pat Bauer, Ginger Blanton, Kaye Green

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